Convened at (time & date):

7:08 PM 5 May 03


Luke, Spencer, Christian, Axel, Brendan (Acting SPL).

Review of minutes from last month:

Approved as read.

Committee Reports

          Standing Committees:

                    Service Committee:

                    The service committee was not present. Mr. Hoge reported that Greenup day had been successful.

                    Server Committee:

                    No report.

          AdHoc Committees:

          Brendan reported that the swap meet and computer recycling collection was successful and that ValleyNet was hoping for our help again next year.

          Axel reported that the Troop's participation in the Spring Camporee had been cancelled due to Scouts having too many conflicting activities that weekend.

          Chris was not available to report on the Presidential hike he is planning.

Old Business:

Mr. Hoge reported that Luke Kraus had accepted the position as Troop Guide

New Business:

The Tenderfoot Training program was discussed. Luke indicated that he will need some help and Christian and Spencer agreed to help. We will target having the 18th of June as the Parents Night at which new Scouts will receive Tenderfoot if they complete the training. Tenderfoot Board of Review will be on June 11th. Luke will plan a skills camp for the 17th of May.

Muster Day will be on Monday the 26th of May. Spencer agreed to plan the ceremony.

The location for Troop meetings was discussed and it was agreed that we would start meeting outside at Storrs Pond on May 7th.

Upcoming outings were discussed. Axel and Spencer will plan a fishing and canoeing trip for some time in June or early July. Christian will plan a wilderness survival and utensil-less cooking outing for June 7th and 8th. Chris will continue planning a hike in the Presidential Range; Mr. Hoge suggested that Lafayette would be a good destination and that perhaps the 21st of June would be a good date.

Calendar Review:

7 May -- Begin meeting outside at Storrs Pond
17 May -- Tenderfoot Skills Camp
26 May -- Muster Day
7-8 June -- Campout
11 June -- Board of Review
18 June -- Parents Night
21 June -- Possible Lafayette Hike

Review of Actions Assigned:

Adjourned at: 8:07 PM