MINUTES -- April 2003

Convened at (time & date):

1910, 7 Apr 03


Brendan, Axel, Christian, Russell, Chris (SPL)

Review of minutes from last month:

Minutes from the March meeting were approved.

Committee Reports

          Standing Committees:

                    Service Committee: It was noted that the Service Committee should address the conflict between the schedule for the Spring Camporee and Hanover Greenup Day. This conflict was deferred until later in the meeting. Chris suggested that there was a need to recruit another member of the Service Committee and indicated that he would do so.
                    Server Committee: No report

          AdHoc Committees:

Axel reported that the swimming test had been successfully completed on March 30th.

Mr. Hoge reported that the Webelos Hike had been completed on the 5th of April and that we would definately be getting at least one new Scout crossing over from Webelos.

Chris reported that the ski trip that had been scheduled for late March had not happened because there were not enough interested participants.

Old Business:

The subject of the ValleyNet Computer Swap meet was brought up. Brendan agreed to be responsible for announcing the event.

The group discussed the question of what to do on the weekend of May 2-4. The District Spring Camporee is scheduled for that weekend and it is also Greenup Day. After some discussion, the PLC decided that the Camporee would be the primary activity for the weekend and that those who did not participate in the Camporee could work on Greenup Day. Axel agreed to serve as the planner for the Camporee.

New Business:

Mr. Hoge brought up the subject of a Troop Open House to invite current 5th graders to join the Troop. Wednesday the 23rd of April was selected as the best date. Chris agreed to develop a full meeting program for that meeting.

Chris suggested that he would like to sponsor a hike for experienced Scouts somewhere in the Presidential Range. After discussion, the weekend of May 17th was selected as a possible target date. Chris agreed to do further research and planning and report at the May PLC.

Mr. Hoge brought up the requirement for an active Troop Guide to serve as a mentor and training coordinator for the new Scouts. Chris and Mr. Hoge agreed to work on recruiting an appropriate experienced Scout.

Calendar Review:

23 Apr -- Troop open house for prospective new Scouts.
26 Apr -- ValleyNet computer swap meet and recycling collection.
2-4 May -- District Spring Camporee.
3 May -- Hanover Greenup Day.
17 May -- Possible hike for experienced Scouts.

Review of Actions Assigned:

Adjourned at: 2015