Convened at (time & date):

1910 3 Feb 2003

As a preface to the meeting, Mr. Hoge noted that those present at the meeting included the Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader from each Patrol. For the benefit of those who were new to PLC meetings, he reviewed the purpose and functioning of the PLC and encouraged everyone to contribute to the meeting.


Chris (presiding), Carl, Axel, Russell, Robert, Paul C., Paul F., Christian, Mrs. Richardson, Dr. Brown, Mr. Hoge.

Review of minutes from last month:

          Minutes from December were approved as read. It was noted that there were no minutes from a January meeting because there had not been a quorum present for that meeting.

Committee Reports

          Standing Committees:

                    Service Committee: No report.

                    Server Committee: No report.

          AdHoc Committees:

Chris reported on the planning for a ski trip for the weekend of 22 March. This will possibly be a three day trip to a major ski area such as Jay Peak, Okemo, Killington or Le Massif. Those options were discussed and Jay Peak and Le Massif seemed to be the places that most people favored. He will continue to investigate alternatives and provide a plan in early March.

Christian reported on the planning for the outing to the Johnson Brook Cabin on March 7, 8 and 9. He will make announcements at meetings and finalize the roster and plan.

Mr. Hoge reported that Mrs. Fitzmaurice has volunteered to coordinate first aid training and First Aid Merit Badge during the meetings in the month of March.

Dr. Brown reported that the outlook for an airplane flight outing is bleak due to insurance requirements and costs. This initiative will be tabled until the summer time when Dr. Brown will investigate working with the Experimental Aircraft Association for possible orientation flights.

Old Business:

Mr. Hoge reported that Andrew Postupack has developed a plan for the upcoming outing at the Nunnemacher cabin at the Dartmouth Skiway. The plan will be posted on the web site shortly. Mr. Hoge also indicated that Sunday February 9th is the Sunapee District ski day and all registered Scouts and Scouters can ski that day at no cost.

Carl brought up the idea of having the Troop web site hosted on a plan under which we could use php to do things like allow people to sign up for outings on line, have troop email addresses and distribute the webmaster workload. Dr. Brown suggested that Carl visit the web site for where the current Troop site is hosted and review their hosting plans and make a recommendation to the Scoutmaster to take to the Troop Committee.

New Business:

Mr. Hoge presented sample reports showing the advancement status of Scouts. He indicated that he will have those reports available for all Scouts at the upcoming Wednesday meeting. The topic of advancement was discussed and it was decided that the month of February will be devoted to advancement and merit badge work.

Mr. Hoge indicated that we need to schedule a Parents' Night meeting. April 9th was selected.

Axel brought up the need for an opportunity for Scouts to complete the swimming requirements for 2nd and 1st Class. Mr. Hoge agreed to explore alternatives.

Calendar Review:

Feb 7-9: Nunnemacher Cabin outing at the Dartmouth Skiway.
March Troop Meetings: First Aid training.
Mar 7-9: Johnson Brook Cabin back country ski trip.
Mar 21-23: Possible ski trip to a major downhill ski area.
April 9th: Parents Night.

Review of Actions Assigned:

Adjourned at: 2020