Troop 45 Eagle Court of Honor for Steve Logan     16 Jun 01


OPENING (5:00)



SPL: "Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to Troop 45's Eagle Court of Honor. We have a number of distinguished guests with us today, and before beginning the ceremony I'd like to introduce them.

First I'd like to welcome Mr. Nelson Therriault, Chairman of the Sunapee District Advancement Committee. Thank you for joining us today.

From the Hanover Quaker Meeting, Mr. Jack Hunter. Mr. Hunter has been an Eagle Scout since ________ and is here to give us a bit of the long view. We're very pleased to have you here today. Thank you for coming.

And finally, representing the Sunapee District Committee, the Chairman of the Eagle Board of Review, Mr. Paul Boucher. Mr. Boucher will conduct the Court of Honor."


(Conducted by Mr. Boucher with assistance from Luke Kraus)

(Candidate Sits)


(SPL Relieves Mr. Boucher at the podium)

SPL: "Thank you, Mr. Boucher. I'd now like to introduce Assistant Scoutmaster Gregg Hoge, and my fellow scout, Carl Hoge, who have some reflections on Steve's achievement. They will be followed by Mr. Jack Hunter."

Mr. Hoge, Carl Hoge: (presentation)

Mr. Hunter: (presentation)

Steve Logan: (remarks)


SPL: "Please rise for the closing ceremony."

"Scout Sign. A Scout is Trustworthy, ... "

SM: (Scoutmaster's Minute) "... Thank you, Mr. Richardson."

SPL: "Please join us in our Circle of Friendship. Mr. Hunter, will you please lead us in a closing in the Quaker tradition?"

(Circle up)

Mr. Hunter: (Quaker Prayer)