Tetons 98 Expedition Picture Gallery
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Near the summit of the Middle Teton
The Middle Teton Patrol approaches the summit of the Middle Teton by way of the knifelike South Ridge. Dartmouth Basin is in the background.
Ross is Happy
Ross has returned to the land of MacDonalds.
Canoeing on Jackson Lake
Here we are paddling on Jackson Lake with Mt. Moran in the background.
Our Intrepid Scoutmaster
This is Mr. Brown in a typically dynamic pose. You can recognize him by the cool shades.
Over She Goes!
A canoe about to capsize in Jackson Lake.
To the Rescue!
The buddy boat moves in to perform an expert boat-over-boat rescue maneuver.
On the Middle Teton.
Here's the Middle Teton Patrol on their approach to the Middle Teton.
These guys are tired!
Climbing the Middle Teton was a tremendous challenge, but the Middle Teton Patrol was ready.
Hiking to Grand View Point.
Our first day hike was an easy walk up to Grand View Point. We started out easy so we could get used to the altitude.
Hiking around Two Ocean Lake.
This one was a little longer: ten miles.
Swimming in Jackson Lake.
There was a great swimming place on the shore of Jackson Lake within walking distance of our campsite.
Swimming in Jackson Lake.
The water was pretty cold, but the swimming was fun.
Sometimes the wind did blow.
Hiking Companions.
Here's Jay, Gavin, and Galen at Two Ocean Lake.
The Venture Patrol Trains.
The Grand Teton Venture Patrol spent more than a year training for their climb of the Grand Teton. Here they are at Catheral Ledge in New Hampshire's Presidential Range honing their technical rock climbing skills and their teamwork
The Grand Teton Venture Patrol.
Here's the Grand Teton Venture Patrol at the base of the Grand Teton (hidden by the minor peak in the background).