Tetons Expedition

Fact Sheet

1. Where are we going? The expedition is to Grand Tetons National Park in northwest Wyoming. Other attractions are the town of Jackson, WY and Yellowstone National Park, which is just to the north.

2. When? The expedition leaves Boston at ????am Saturday 1 August 1998, and returns to Boston at ????pm Sunday 9 August 1998. Some have made independent travel arrangements and will meet us in Salt Lake City, Jackson, or Colter Bay.

3. Where will we stay? We will camp at Colter Bay Group Campground in the Park. This campground has modern amenities and is close to gas, groceries, and other conveniences in the village of Colter Bay. The campsite fee is $?? per person for the week. Certain wimps will be staying in motels and cabins nearby. See the Resources page for more info.

4. Who can go? The trip is open to all members of Troop 45 and their families. Scouts attending without their families will be supervised appropriately. We do ask that non-scouts be under the direct supervision of parents rather than scoutmasters.

5. How will we get there? We have purchased a block of tickets on Delta Airlines for flights between Boston, MA and Salt Lake City, UT. The cost is $????? per person. Contact Shirley Morris for current availability.

6. Who is in charge? Scoutmaster-in-Charge for this operation is Yorke Brown. The chairman of the planning committee is Shirley Morris. Individual outings within the expedition are owned and led by different people. See the Schedule page for more information. If there is some outing you would like to go on, and you are willing to lead it or own it, please volunteer by contacting either Yorke Brown or Shirley Morris. Note that "owning" an outing does not mean that you have to lead it in the field. It means that you take responsibility for planning, including finding a leader. See the Trip Menu page and Resources page for ideas.

7. How much does it cost? Costs vary depending on what you do on the expedition. The Schedule page shows fees for all known activities. Any individual scout who really wants to go on this expedition should be able to go without regard to family financial circumstances. Contact Yorke Brown to work something out.

8. What are we going to do? Well, the Tetons Venture Patrol is going to climb the Grand Teton! Other than that, it's up to you! For ideas, see the Trip Menu page and Resources page. For the current plan, see the Schedule page. Got an idea? Look here.