This is NOT one of those forms you can fill in on the web and submit by clicking on the button. We're not quite that well developed in our use of the web.... but we're working on it!

Please return completed surveys to Gregg Hoge not later than February 15th.

You may return the survey in one of two ways.

1. Print this web page, write on it and return it by U.S. Mail to:
          Gregg Hoge
          46 Ferson Road
          Hanover, NH 03755

2. For the technologically adept, you may download this abbreviated version of the survey and insert your answers by editing it with your favorite word processor. Then, email the edited version to

Thank you in advance for promptly completing and returning this survey. Please feel free to pass along any comments or suggestions you may have that will make the trip more interesting or more fun.


Please complete the following so we know whom to call.

          NAME: ______________________________________________________________

          Phone Number: ________________________________________________________

          Email: _______________________________________________________________


Will your Scout(s) and/or family members participate in the expedition to Colorado in August 2002? (Please check one.)
          _____ YES, we are planning to go.
          _____ POSSIBLY, but we're not sure yet.
          _____ PROBABLY NOT, but keep us informed.
          _____ NO, we will not be able to participate.

If you checked YES or POSSIBLY, please continue the survey by answering the questions below. If you checked PROBABLY NOT or NO, please return the survey to Gregg Hoge.

How many people will participate with your family?
          _____ Scouts
          _____ Siblings under age 21.
          _____ Adults over the age of 21.

How many of these participants will stay in the camp site with the troop? (Scouts should stay in the campsite; others can choose.)
          _____ Participants will stay in campsite.
          _____ Participants will find their own accommodations.


See the Events Menu for more detailed descriptions.

Get Oriented Tours. Please evaluate the tours and activities listed below and check ALL of the events that sound like fun to you. We will schedule multiple events - those that get the most votes.
          _____ Driving tour of Rocky Mountain National Park.
          _____ Easy hike along the lake shore.
          _____ Day hike in scenic mountains.
          _____ Explore the town of Grand Lake.
          _____ Other ideas. Attach a note or send an email.

Major Midweek Expeditions. Please evaluate the major expeditions listed below and indicate your Scout's first and second choices. Remember that the details of each midweek expedition will be decided on and planned by the participants.

(circle one of each)
1st choice2nd choiceClimb a big mountain.
1st choice2nd choiceBackcountry hiking and camping.
1st choice2nd choiceMountain biking.
1st choice2nd choiceCanoeing or sailing.
1st choice2nd choiceFishing.
1st choice2nd choiceOther ideas? Attach a note or send an email!

Please indicate whether any of the adults in your family would like to participate in one of the midweek expeditions:
Yes / No Details:

End-of-the-week Activities.

White Water Rafting. Please indicate the number of people in your family who would like to participate in a white water rafting trip on Friday. A specific trip has not yet been selected but we will aim for something with some big water.
          _____ Scouts
          _____ Siblings under age 21.
          _____ Adults over the age of 21.

Saturday Tour. In all likelihood, flight schedules will make it advisable to leave our campsite on Saturday morning and spend Saturday night in a hotel/motel near the airport. This makes it possible to undertake some activities in the Denver area. Please evaluate the tours and activities listed below and check ALL of the events that sound like fun to you. We will schedule multiple events - those that get the most votes.
          _____ Drive to the top of Pikes Peak.
          _____ Tour the U.S. Air Force Academy.
          _____ Visit downtown Denver.
          _____ Individual family activity.
          _____ Other ideas? Attach a note or send an email.

Outing Ownership. Each activity we undertake will have an owner who will research and plan the event, coordinate participation and leadership and make the necessary logistical arrangements. Ideally, the event ownership should be joint - an adult and a Scout. Please indicate below if your are willing to own any of the events described above. Thanks in advance!


The Troop will investigate and coordinate the purchase of round trip airline transportation from Manchester, Boston, Burlington or Hartford. Flights will depart on Saturday August 10th (probably morning or early afternoon) and return on Sunday August 18th. Before we can start shopping for fares and flights, we need to know how many travelers we are shopping for.

Alternatively, you may make your own travel arrangements, meeting the Troop at the campsite on Lake Granby. This option may be attractive if you wish to go to Colorado ahead of the Troop or stay longer after the group departs. This option is also appropriate if you wish to travel by train or car. However you travel, please try to plan your travel so you arrive in Colorado on Saturday August 10th and stay with the group until at least Saturday August 17th.

Please indicate your choice of travel arrangements below.

_____ We will make our own travel arrangements and meet the Troop in Colorado.

_____ We would like to travel with the Troop. Please include us in the group reservation list. We are not making a definite commitment right now, but we realize that a firm commitment and at least partial payment, will be required within 30 to 60 days.

Yes / No - One flight option entails travel via Jet Blue, which flies out of Burlington, VT. Their flights are significantly less expensive than other airlines but they fly at night. (i.e. Depart Burlington at 5 PM, arrive Denver at midnight; depart Denver at 1 AM, arrive Burlington at 10:50 AM; round trip fare about $250.) Would you be willing to travel at night if reasonably priced daytime fares are not available?

Yes / No - Once we're on the ground in Colorado, do you plan on renting a car for the week?

Yes / No / NA - If you do plan to rent a car, would you be willing and able to assist with transportation for others in the party who may not rent a car?