Troop 45
Colorado 2002 Expedition
Colorado Preview Pictures

These are a collection of pictures that we took around the Arapaho National Forest, Winter Park, and some surrounding areas. They will give you a good "preview" of what is here.


This is a view from a ridge near Berthoud Pass looking down on two ponds that become Blue Creek.

A view from that same ridge near Berthoud Pass looking toward the Indian Peaks and Rocky Mountain National Park.

This picture we took on a drive up to Rollins Pass on a maintained (but bumpy) dirt road. The trussle you see (in the middle, it's small) was used by trains but is not now.

For those going on the biking trips, this is what you may look like at the end of the day - after the rain and after the mud. Yes, we are soaked to the bone, cold, and I dare say a bit miserable.

These pictures we took to demonstrate that the thunderclouds do exist - and they come in strong with thunder, lighting, rain, and we have even seen (and felt) some hail. The picture on the left was taken around 11:30 AM from Winter Park and the one on the right was taken at about 3:00 PM from Stillwater looking south toward Winter Park. So far we have seen rain at almost every time of day except morning (up to about 11:00 AM). Usually, it seems, the storms ease off as the afternoon goes by.

These are our campsites - or at least a few of them. You will notice the thunderclouds behind them. I think that the weather patterns are such that most of the time Stillwater Campsite does not receive as much rain as the surrounding areas.

This is one of the Troop's sites. All are a bit different - but it gives you a general idea of what they look like. They are not too big and we have to stay within the boundaries.

Looking from our campsite, you can see Lake Granby in this picture. It is very low right now, as you may know already. Normally, we think it comes to within a few feet of the sites.

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