Troop 45
Great Adventure 2002
Minutes of the First Planning Meeting - 17 September 2001

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM at the White Church.

Gregg opened the meeting by discussing the objectives of the meeting as follows:


The two prior trips to Tetons and Rainier were briefly discussed.


The 2002 trip is currently scheduled for Saturday 10 August 2002 through Sunday 18 August 2002.


The primary purpose of the trip is to serve as a key ingredient in the Scouting program conducted by Troop 45. This is a Troop outing with all the attendant program elements, benefits and rules.

Families are invited and encouraged to participate. Prior lessons learned have taught us that it is best for families to participate in the whole outing.

Criteria for destination. The following criteria were discussed. The overarching criterion being that the destination has to be suitable for the variety of people who go on the trip. The destination must have the following:

Wide variety of activities; hikes, climbs, swimming, boating, touring, etc. No single activity will dictate the choice of the destination; instead, the availability of a wide variety of activities will be what we are looking for.

Wide variety of facilities and accommodations; stores, camping, cabins, hotels, etc. While the main body of the group is expected to camp, we realize that not everyone wants to camp and therefore we need a location that has other accommodations available at reasonable prices.

Accessible by public transportation within time constraints. We generally allocate one day for travel at the beginning of the trip and one day for travel at the end of the trip. We want to avoid chewing up large parts of the week in travel at the expense of time spent at the destination. Also, we want to avoid setting ourselves up for long drives following long flights which could result in unsafe conditions.

Potential Destinations and Champions: During the meeting, the following destinations were selected for further investigation. Shown with each destination is the name of the person(s) who accepted the responsibility for investigating that destination further. The results of these investigations will be presented to the Patrol Leaders Council at its next regular meeting on 1 October. The PLC will select a destination at that time. Investigators need to give the results of their investigation to Gregg by Friday September 28th so that he can prepare the information to present to the PLC.

"Travel Agent"

In each of the past two Great Adventures, Shirley Morris has functioned as the Troop's "travel agent." She is willing to help again but we would like someone else to accept the primary responsibility. Duties of "travel agent":

The group discussed the requirement for someone to be the primary "travel agent". It was noted that:

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:20 PM.