Colorado 2002 Expedition

Troop 45 Colorado Expedition

Mountain Biking Excursion

13-15 August 2002
Here's the information on mountain biking in Colorado.

Our base of operation will be the Winter Park Resort, about 30 miles south of our campsite.

The resort has over 52 miles of lift accessible single and double track trails that are part of the 600 miles of mountain bike trail system in the Winter Park/Fraser Valley. Trail maps can be found here, and you can read about the mountain biking trails and see the open-closed status of the trails here.

The plan will be to do a series of day trips. There are supposed to be trails for all levels and interests, and we'll do some trail picking and planning the afternoon before we first ride. We'll arrive at Winter Park each day around 9:00 am to pick up any rental bikes. We'll ride from there, either using the resort's mountain trails (you can ride the lift with your bike up 1500 feet of vertical!) or heading off to the Fraser Valley trails. We'll return to the base each day to return any rental bikes no later than 5:30 pm, and we should be back in camp each night by 6:30 pm.

Rental bikes are available at Winter Park at Slopeside Gear and Sport. While it may not be absolutely necessary, to make sure we can get rental bikes we should reserve bikes in advance. Helmets are included with the rental, but bike tools are not. They will check over any rentals each night after they're turned in. Rentals depend on whether a lift pass is included and the type of bike (front suspension is recommended) and they aren't cheap - a front suspension bike with lift pass will run $50 per day. Prices can be found here. All four Olsens will be renting bikes for the three days. If you can give Paul Olsen the name, height, and type of bike for anyone else who wants to rent a bike (and if they don't want to rent them all three days), he will call and place an order for any bikes. He will need to place the order by Friday, August 2.

Bikers should bring, at a minimum, water bottles (we're not certain they have bottle cages, but it's likely) or camelbacks, any bike tools they want, and food. Rain gear may be needed. A small day pack may be useful.

Let Paul know if you have any questions, and if you want him to reserve any bikes for others.