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Colorado 2002 Expedition
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This is a rough list of ideas for activities that we may undertake in Colorado. Generally, the schedule for the week will have three parts. The "Get Oriented" portion at the beginning is designed to kick things off. In the middle of the week we'll do the major expeditions and at the end of the week we'll do some additional activities with the whole group. As you can see by browsing this collection of beautiful pictures (posted by Mountain Lake Properties in Grand Lake) there's an almost endless variety of things to see and do in the area. As actual plans are developed, we'll include them on the Schedule page. New ideas are welcome and needed!

Get Oriented Tours.
We've just arrived, we need to stretch our legs, get around, see things and get to know the area. These are activities and tours that we may want to consider for the first couple days.

Major Expeditions.
After we get settled in for a couple days, we will conduct the major expeditions of the week. Some possible activities and destinations for our midweek expeditions are described below. Typically, these activities will get participants out of camp for two to three days. During that time they are fully committed to the expedition. "Good Luck! We'll see you when you get back on Thursday!" End-of-the-Week Activities.
The big expeditions have returned with stories about tall mountains, steep trails, wildlife, life in the wild and the one that got away. Time to pull the group together for a couple more activities.

Adopt An Activity.
Each activity, large or small, that we undertake in Colorado will have an "owner". The owners will research and plan the event, coordinate participation and leadership, and make the necessary logistical arrangements. Ideally, event ownership should be joint - an adult and a Scout. Note that event owners do not necessarily have to go on the event; although in most cases they probably will. To adopt an activity, please contact Gregg Hoge.

Your Idea Here.
New ideas are welcome! If you have an idea or an elaboration of one already suggested, please discuss it with Yorke Brown or Gregg Hoge. (Please just put the text right in your message.)