Colorado 2002 Expedition

Campsite Plan

If you have read the page about our campsite reservations, you know that back in December 2001 we reserved six family tent sites at the Stillwater Recreation Area on the shore of Lake Granby. The stated capacity of those six sites is thirty people (5 per site). Back then, we thought that thirty people was a good estimate, based on our prior experience in the Tetons and at Mount Rainier. This spring, it appeared that more people than we anticipated would be joining the expedition and fewer than anticipated would be staying in the alternate campsites with walls, roofs, and hot running water (aka motels). In May, we added another campsite to our reservation, bringing our capacity to 35. The Crane Family will be camped in an RV site adjacent to ours, further increasing our capacity to 40 people. As of 20 July, it appears that about 42 people will be camping with us. We'll undoubtedly end up with six people in some sites and 4 people in others but our average will be right. We've talked to the folks at the campsite and they are not concerned about a few extra people overall.

So, if you've read the Harry Potter story or seen the movie, you may remember the part of the story where first-year students sit on a stool and put on the magical talking Sorting Hat to be sorted into the appropriate houses. We've used some similar witchcraft and wizardry and sorted the expedition participants into camp sites. Consult the campsite rosters page to see how you sorted out! (If you're not sure where that page is, consult your email for the web address.) If anyone really feels strongly that any particular arrangement won't work (maybe you snore or maybe you only have one tent), give Gregg some alternative suggestions and we'll see what we can work out.

Here is some information about the campsite, the layout and the rules.