Our base of operations will be the Grand Lake, Colorado area. Grand Lake offers a variety of accommodations and amenities at the entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Just south of Grand Lake lies the Arapaho National Recreation Area (ANRA) - a 36,000 acre scenic water wonderland in the upper reaches of the Colorado River Valley. The ANRA was established by Congress in 1978 and contains five major lakes: Lake Granby, Shadow Mountain Lake, Monarch Lake, Willow Creek Reservoir and Meadow Creek Reservoir. Grand Lake, adjacent to the ANRA, with its deep, clear blue waters, is the largest natural lake in Colorado. Together, the lakes and reservoirs are often referred to as the "Great Lakes of Colorado".

The approach that we will take is to locate a suitable camping area in the ANRA, close to Grand Lake. Scouts, and the adults who wish to camp with them, will camp in the ANRA. Those adults and siblings who wish to find cabin or motel accommodations may do so in Grand Lake.

The ANRA web site lists eight recreation sites that offer RV and/or tent camping. Four of these sites accept advance reservations: Arapaho Bay, Cutthroat Bay, Green Ridge and Stillwater.

Arapaho Bay, at the south east end of Lake Granby, was ruled out because it is the farthest from Grand Lake, is primarily composed of RV sites with only a few tent sites, and has only vault toilets.

Green Ridge, on Shadow Mountain Lake, was ruled out because it is primarily RV sites.

Cutthroat Bay, on Lake Granby, was considered because it consists of only two group sites. However, group sites can be reserved as much as a year in advance and both sites are already reserved for the period of our trip.

Stillwater, also on Lake Granby, was selected as the preferred site. Located six miles from the town of Grand Lake on the west shore of the lake, Stillwater has flush toilets, showers, and adequate tent sites near the lake shore. See reservations and map. Each site has an occupancy limit of five people. Sites 67-72 are designated as "FAMILY WALK TENT SINGLE PREMIUM" because of their proximity to the lake; however the sites are not shaded - enjoy the view. Each site has a tent pad ranging in size from 11X13 to 15X16, certainly adequate for two tents. The sites are approximately 200' from the drinking water supply and 400 feet from the toilets.

Reservation to make:

Stillwater Recreation Site, Lake Granby, CO.
Arriving Saturday 10 August 2002
Departing Saturday 17 August 2002
(assuming Sat nite spent in airport motel)
Sites 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72 to accomodate 30 people.
1-877-444-6777 10AM to 7PM EST

Costs: FAMILY WALK TENT SINGLE PREMIUM sites are $18.00 per night. The total cost of this reservation will be $18 per night X 7 nights X 6 sites; or $756.00. The cost of cancellations or changes more than three days prior to arrival is only $10.00 so our total risk is $60.00. If we alter the dates slightly, our total cost would rise to $816.00; $27.00 per person if we have 30 people.

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