Training Arapaho Peaks Excursion

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Training Objectives.

  • Snow Climbing Procedures
  • Rock Climbing Procedures
  • Group Belay
  • Equipment Shakedown
  • Cardio-vascular fitness!
  • Knowledge of high-altitude physiology     See Will's High Altitude Page!
  • Knowledge of local weather phenomena

Training Schedule.
Below are a few training activities that I would like to see us complete. They are still being finalized and their may be more to come. -ch

  • Wed 10 Jul 02 1900 - Troop meeting to Velvet Rocks. In addition to the hike, we will discuss what everyone is doing to get/stay in shape. We may hold some fittness training outings if necessary- something like a few mile trail run would be good.
    • Summit pack, including ice axe, crampons, and technical gear
    • Fitness
    • Finalizing your summit pack

  • Sat 13 Jul 02 0800 - Black Mountain overnight. See plan.
    • Full overnight pack
    • Extra climbing gear for the group
    • Fitness
    • Rock Climbing Procedures
    • Setting rock anchors - perhaps Dr. Brown can demonstrate in a few cracks how to set anchors
    • Finalizing your full pack
    • We will find some time to discuss the following during the evening:
      • Knots
      • High-altitude physiology
      • Local weather phenomena

  • Tues 16 Jul 02 1500 - Trail Run. Still finalizing place. Velvet Rocks trails, powerline trails, or the trails behind the HS might work. We will end up at EBAs for the APPC at 1630.
    • Running clothes
    • Water - we might be able to leave this someplace where we will come back to later
    • Cardio-vascular fitness!

  • Wed 24 Jul 02 1700 - Venture Patrol meeting at Dartmouth Skiway. We will discuss fitness training again and make sure everyone is doing their stuff. We will also cook and eat dinner here. This will help us finalize cooking buddies. During dinner we can discuss more high-altitude physiology and local weather phenomena if necessary. After dinner we can practice the main skills.
    • Technical gear you will bring on the climb
    • Group belay equipment - mainly the rope(s)
    • Ice axe
    • Crampons (?)
    • Food and stove (coordinate with buddy)
    • Group belay
    • As many snow climbing procedures as we can do on steep dirt
    • Knots - do we still know them?
    • Cooking
    • Maybe high-altitude physiology
    • Maybe local weather phenomena

  • Mon 05 Aug 02 1730 - Trail Run before the PLC. We will run around Storrs Pond once or twice.
    • Running clothes
    • Water
    • Cardio-vascular fitness!


  • Standard hiking gear
  • Supplies for three days
  • 9mm Rope
  • Ice Axe
  • Crampons
  • Helmet
  • Seat Harness

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