Troop 45 Venture Patrol Arapaho Peaks Excursion
13-15 August 2002

At 13,502 feet, North Arapaho Peak is the highest summit in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Three quarters of a mile to the south, at the end of a precipitous ridge, lies South Arapaho Peak, nearly as tall at 13,397 feet. The climb of South Arapaho Peak followed by the traverse of the ridge to North Arapaho is one of the great classic ascents of the Colorado Rockies. Class three and four climbing on snow and sound rock, great altitude and exposure, and spectacular views combine to make the Arapaho Peaks a worthy destination.

Our route starts at the Junco Lake Trailhead, just southeast of Meadow Creek Reservoir, and only an hour's drive from base camp. We'll proceed southeast on the Caribou Trail through Caribou Pass to Lake Dorothy, where we will establish our camp. Early on summit day, we'll continue east to Fourth of July Mine, and then north on the Arapaho Glacier trail to about 12,000 feet. From here we will climb South Arapaho by way of the snowy Skywalker Couloir, and then complete the airy traverse to North Arapaho. We'll then descend the mountain by way of the rocky southeast ridge.

Our camp at Lake Dorothy also puts is in a good position to tackle lesser peaks in the area such as Mt Neva and Satanta Peak.

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