Camp Bell 2012
Sunday 15 Jul 12 -- Saturday 21 July 12

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What to bring to camp.

Transportation Plan.

Driving directions to Camp Bell.

Leader's Guide

Leadership Schedule

Map of Camp Bell.

Map of GHVSR.

Transportation Plan

Advance Party

The Scoutmaster-in-Charge, SPL, and ASPL meet at 0645 Saturday, and depart immediately. We have a meeting at 9:30 am, we'll check out the campsite, and will meet the arriving troop between 1 and 2 pm.


Meet at the Community Center at 1030 Sunday 15 July. We will depart as soon as everyone is ready. The outbound party is 5 participants (4 Scouts and 1 Scouter).


  • Mr Spinella (+4 seats)


    The return party will depart camp immediately after dismissal on Saturday morning. We will arrive at the Community Center at 1400 Saturday 21 July. The return party is 8 participants (6 Scouts and 2 Scouters).


  • Mr Mendelsohn (+2 seats)
  • Mr Spinella (+ 4seats)


    BSA safety policy prohibits traveling in caravan. Cars will leave the starting point for each leg simultaneously and navigate independently following the driving directions posted at the left. Each driver must know the route and not rely on following another car.

    No car may carry a single adult and a single Scout unless the adult is a parent of the Scout.

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